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An eclectic, generator free area with The Soundscape Solar Stage. Featuring Gong Ceremony, Lara Welfairy, Mark McGivern and Helen Robertson, Sakara, Junkyard Orphan, Cara Means Friend, Pin Skrawler, Pixie Pirate Punk Poet,  The Skraelings, The Brewer’s Daughter, The Sporadics, The Rites of Hadda and Last Gang DJs, Sacred Circle, Labyrinth, Witch Hazel’s Divination Dome, High Striker, Lara Wellfairy’s Red Tent, Willow Pheonix Craft Area, Anklebiterz Arts, Herbal Apothecary, Bowtop Larry, Cosmo’s Crystal Healing and more….

Find us at the far end of Midsummer Common between The Fort St George and the Victoria Avenue Bridge

Soundscape Solar Stage line-up

12:00 Opening ceremony in the druid circle
12:50 Gong ceremony
12:50 Lara Welfairy
1:20 DJ Set
1:35 Mark McGivern and Helen Robertson
1:55 DJ Set
2:10 Sakara
2:40 DJ Set
2:55 Junkyard Orphan
3:20 DJ Set
3:35 Cara Means Friend (vocalist with Zion Train)
4:20 DJ Set
4.35 Pin Skrawler
5:20 DJ Set
5:30 Pixie Pirate Punk Poet
5:50 DJ Set
6:05 The Skraelings
6:50 DJ Set
7:05 The Brewer’s Daughter
7:55 DJ Set
8:10 The Sporadics
9:00 DJ Set
9:15 The Rites of Hadda

scarecrow corner fair lineup

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