revolting youth lineup poster

Revolting Youth Stage is run by Queens Road Studio and Digital Saints live music production course. All bands and Production crew are young people 18 and under.
We run gigs throughout the year to fund raise for Strawberry Fair and then all the acts get to play at this fabulous one day festival. Any East Anglian under 18 band can apply to play. This year is our second year at the Fair.

Line-Up for Strawberry Fair 2024

12:15 Chow
12:55 Static Memories
1:25 Felix
1:50 Lyra
2:20 ESC
2:55 Broken Promises
3:30 Kuiper
4:05 Ollie Massey
4:40 Catalyst
5:15 Gurn Victim
5:50 Sub-Liminal
6:25 Queen Dogs
6:55 Manic Stanley
7:30 The Strays

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