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> Traffic Marshalls
> Site Crew
> Volunteer Team
> Lost Kids Crew
> Accreditation / Production Crew
> Decor Crew
> Food Safety Checkers
> Environment Team
> Bucket Shakers
> Event Control Assistants

Please note – all volunteers that come on to our site at any time MUST complete the volunteer form and we need you to attend the Fair briefing on Thursday evening before the Fair at 19:00 – in the Crew Catering tent, on site.

Now is the perfect time to get involved! In fact, it’s always the perfect time to get involved!

It is never too late to come and help at Strawberry Fair as we work throughout most of the year. If you would like to be part of the largest free festival in the UK you can fill in our VOLUNTEER FORM, email us at iwanttohelp@strawberry-fair.org.uk or simply come to one of our meetings and talk to members of the Committee, especially our Volunteer Co-ordinators: Sue, Darren and Elliot.

You don’t need any particular experience to volunteer with us, and we will provide any training and support needed.

One of the things that make Strawberry Fair and all of our associated events so special is the people that put their time and effort into making our event so unique. Entirely run by a team of volunteers (known collectively as the Fairies) we work year-round across a number of areas, from finding artists and organising stages, through working out how many toilets are needed, to managing traders and fundraising. Whatever your interests and whatever your skills, the Fair needs your help.

Volunteering for Strawberry Fair is a great opportunity to get experience and develop skills in the events, marketing and arts industries, to meet new people, to get to know your Cambridge community and to have fun – and, of course, a fantastic sense of team achievement when it all comes together on the day itself.

We mostly need stewards on the day of the Fair. This means being the eyes and ears of the festival and watching out for everyone’s safety and welfare. A steward is the point of contact for the public and will often provide directions to help people get around the festival. Experience is desirable but not essential, open to all volunteers aged 18+.

We could also do with help in the Event Stewards office on the day, helping get people signed in and out, updating the rota.

2+ hours // 11:00-23:55 // Saturday 1st June

Our marshalls crew key points on our site such vehicle gates, junctions, path crossings and the car park, ensuring that all vehicles follow our routes and rules. Marshalling a vital job with no heavy lifting. Depending on your mobility, marshalling can be a job with very little moving around or, if marshalling vehicles across site, more steps than anyone else! No previous is required, open to all volunteers aged 16+

2+ hours // 08:00-20:00 // Tuesday-Friday 28th-30th April, Sunday-Monday 2nd-3rd June 
2+ hours // 07:00-23:55 // Saturday 1st June

Our Site Crew help us “Build” Strawberry Fair and then help take it down again! We start the Tuesday before the Fair and have the site clear by the following Tuesday. This could involve putting up fencing, erecting staging, geodomes, or marquees, helping with signage, and general hands-on activities. Open to all volunteers aged 18+.

1+ hours // 10:00-16:00 // Tuesday-Friday 28th-30th April, Sunday-Tuesday 2nd-4th June

A fun sitting down job greeting, orientating and signing in volunteers especially at the Fair & during the build/break. No previous experience necessary, just a friendly attitude.

2+ hours // 08:00-20:00 // Tuesday-Friday 28th-30th April, Sunday-Monday 2nd-3rd June 
2+ hours // 07:00-23:00 // Saturday 1st June

If you do have experience working with children do let us know as we often need specialist stewards working within our Kids Park and Lost Kids teams. Open to volunteers aged 18+.

2+ hours // 11:30-23:00 // Saturday 1st June

Working in the Production Office offers you a front of house role in a fast paced office environment. You’ll be meeting and greeting crew and performers as they arrive on site, assigning them with wristbands, vehicle passes and any other documentation they may require. If you prefer to be more ‘behind the scenes’, there’s ample opportunity to assist with basic data entry, filing, photocopying, printing, laminating and all things Admin!

Working within our small and friendly team, you’ll find there’s plenty to keep you occupied without the need to be lifting or carrying heavy objects or spending long periods of time on your feet. Open to all volunteers aged 16+.

3+ hours // 08:00-20:00 // Saturday 1st June

Something for the Artists out there! If you have a creative flair, then we need help painting signage and making Strawberry Fair look beautiful and awesome. Let us know if you can help with this! Open to all volunteers aged 16+. Younger volunteers may also take part under the direct supervision of their responsible adult.

Varies during the build week, let us know you’re interested and we’ll put you in touch with the décor team.

Strawberry Fair is host to over 40 food traders in addition to the hundreds of non-food traders in our market. We have to check each of them when they start trading to make sure their food safety is up to scratch. This is done by our team of Food Safety Checkers who visit the food traders and go through our food safety checklist, as well as keeping an eye out for any concerns to report to the Traders team. If you have a level 2 or higher hygiene certificate less than 3 years old and experience of working or better yet leading in a commercial kitchen we could really do with a couple of hours of your time at the start of Fair.

1+ hours // 12:00-16:00 // Saturday 1st June

Ready to muck in? Strawberry Fair strives to be environmentally friendly so we recycle as much as we can – about 40% at the moment. This year we want to recycle at least 50%, for which we will need your help – just turn up on the day, or the Sunday and Monday after, and ask for a bin bag. Gloves and grabbers are provided, though if you have them please bring your own! Just a couple of hours of your time will really help get Midsummer Common cleared up and given back to the cows.

1+ hours // 08:00-18:00 // Sunday 2nd June

We have a dedicated “Buckets” team who help us out with collecting donations on the day of the Fair. Strawberry Fair heavily relies on donations, so this is a really important role. Unless we raise enough to cover the fair’s costs we can’t put on the next one!

1+ hours // 12:00-23:00 // Tuesday-Friday 28th-30th April, Sunday-Tuesday 2nd-4th June

Event Control is the nerve centre of Strawberry Fair, where our Event Control team manage radio calls from all parts of the event, including stewards, security and medical, to ensure that any issues or queries are dealt with. If you’ve volunteered at the Fair before then this is a great way to see deeper into how the event is managed, under the supervision of our experienced Event Control Managers.

2+ hours // 07:00-23:55 // Saturday 1st June

Please note – all volunteers that come on to our site at any time MUST complete the volunteer form and we need you to attend the Fair briefing on Thursday evening before the Fair at 19:30 – in the Crew Catering tent, on site.

Volunteering on-site is open to all people aged over 18, plus 16-17 year olds with permission from their guardian. 16-17 year olds are restricted to certain roles for safety, you can see which in the descriptions above. If you are 18+ you may bring under 16s and/or dogs onto site while volunteering, but they must remain under your supervision and care at all times and may only take part in arts activities 🖌️🎨🐾.

KEY DATES – 2024

Build and Break for Strawberry Fair

All Volunteers wanted!

Monday 27th May to Wednesday 5th June

Crew Meeting 

All event day volunteers must attend

Thursday 30th May // 19:00 // Midsummer Common

Strawberry Fair!


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