We are proud to collaborate with some outstanding local charities in our fundraising efforts. You will see some great volunteers all around the fair, so please donate any change you have. Remember, we are completely funded by the community, no corporate sponsors!

The charities we are collaborating with this year are:

Cambridgeshire Search and Rescue (CamSAR) is the Lowland Search and Rescue Team covering our county, often also assisting sister teams in the wider region.

We are a specialist team, called upon by the Police in the search for vulnerable missing people: a child, an elderly person living with dementia or even someone who is considering taking their own life. In each case, and many others, an emergency response is vital.

Our Search Technicians, Team Leaders, Search Planners, Search Operations and Search Managers turn out at all hours of the day and night to respond to the missing person’s emergency.

100% professional

Working closely with our Lowland Rescue sister teams and other Search and Rescue organisations within the UKSAR Operator Group, every team member is trained to exacting national standards and undergoes yearly recertification through continual training. This ensures seamless interoperability when bringing in external resources to a Cambridgeshire incident or when responding to a mutual aid call elsewhere.

0% pay

Available 24/7/365, the team is made up 100% of dedicated fully trained volunteers and receives no government funding, relying entirely upon one-off grants and individual donations – and team members’ own pockets – to continue to provide this service.


Blue Smile is a children’s mental health charity, providing arts-based mental health support to children aged 3-13 in schools across Cambridgeshire.

Sadly, more children than ever are struggling with their mental health. 6 children in every classroom in England have a probable mental health disorder. Early intervention support can prevent problems escalating, enabling children to enjoy happier childhoods and build brighter futures.

Specialist Blue Smile practitioners provide 1-1 arts-based therapy and groupwork for children in local schools. Children who receive Blue Smile support are more engaged in school life, have greater school attendance and enjoy better overall mental health.

“I have brightness in me again and I feel happiness. I feel that I can take on any learning challenge. I never used to feel that” – child supported by Blue Smile.

Find out more at www.bluesmile.org.uk or follow them on social media: @BlueSmileCam.

toms trust logo

Cambridge-based charity, Tom’s Trust is the UK’s only charity dedicated to providing mental health support to children with brain tumours, and their families.

A brain tumour diagnosis is devastating for the whole family. Around 1800 children are diagnosed with childhood cancer in the UK every year. Of which, 600 are children diagnosed with a brain tumour.

Sadly, 1/3 of these children will die and of those that survive, 62% will be left with life-long disabilities (such as blindness, hearing loss, lost motor-function or learning disabilities).

Tom’s Trust clinical psychologists support hundreds of families, working within hospitals in the East, North-East and North-West, helping children from diagnosis, through their brutal treatment and as they return to life at home. It is our mission to reach children with brain tumours and their families in every area of the UK by 2030.

Supporting one child and their family costs £3,335 per year. This includes one-to-one support, vital cognitive assessments, school liaison reintegration, whole-family support, group work and a detailed plan of how to support each child depending on their needs.

Find out more at: tomstrust.org.uk or follow them at instagram.com/toms_trust

camcrag logo

CamCRAG organises regular weekend volunteer trips to Calais to assist the aid organisations supporting refugees in Northern France.

Founded in 2015 by activists from Cambridge, the group became a registered charity in 2016.

They also support frontline NGOs with small grants, organise fundraising events and collect physical donations, as well as raising awareness of the continuing refugee crisis in Europe.

Cambridge Convoy Refugee Action Group was founded in 2015 by activists in and around Cambridge, with the aim of coordinating the logistics of sending donations and volunteers to help refugees in the Calais area.

All the money raised goes towards providing aid or supporting their volunteer convoys: They have no employees, and are entirely run by volunteers.

Interested in spending a weekend in Calais helping others? Or want to find out when the next fundraising event is? See camcrag.org.uk for more info.

If your organisation would like to help with bucket collections at Strawberry Fair this year, please email buckets@strawberry-fair.org.uk

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